Monday, January 9, 2012

Note on Academic Credit for Summer Opportunities

While many research and internship opportunities are excellent experiences without earning academic credit toward the JMU degree, some students would like to include credit hrs on their transcripts. If you can obtain 2 or 3 upper division research credits per summer awarded by an accredited college or university for the work performed, they can be transferred back to JMU using the "Request for Permission to take Courses for Transfer Credit" form. Students are required to submit a description of the proposed research including the name and specific contact information for the research mentor, the biological research objectives, and a description of the extent of their own participation in the project.
BIO credit awarded directly by JMU requires that the standard application forms be completed including the full time JMU biology faculty member who will serve as an official co-mentor and be involved in the evaluation a final report on the research. That faculty member is responsible for issuing academic credit and should be intimately involved with the research. i.e. this must be within their area of research expertise and they co-sign the research proposal.
If biology academic credit from an accredited college or university is available for an Internship Program, then it may be possible to obtain transfer credit through submitting a "Request for Permission to take Courses for Transfer Credit" form. The nature of that transfer credit depends on the basic biology content of the specific activities carried out within the internship program. At the present time it is not possible to earn BIO 494 Internship in Biology credit directly from the BIO department.
"Request for Permission to take Courses for Transfer Credit" forms can be processed by contacting the Undergraduate Academic Coordinator for Biology, Dr. Dean Cocking.