Tuesday, January 22, 2013

REU West Virginia Summer 2013

West Virginia University is seeking applications from undergraduate students for the 2013 summer of the NSF REU: Biological Responses to the Environment from Genes to the Ecosystem. 

Students will conduct independent research for 10 weeks during the summer (May 20 - July 26) and receive a $5000 stipend, free room and board in a dorm, a travel allowance for travel to and from WVU.

Research will focus on some aspect of environmental biology and include laboratory and field projects in forest ecology, plant biology, microbiology, physiology, genomics, molecular biology and more.  Many students that have participated have had their work published and presented at national and regional science meetings and workshops.

Please bring this opportunity to the attention of your students, especially those who are interested in a graduate career in environmental biology and would like a preview of graduate school.  A flyer is also attached.

Our web site is:

This web site contains an application and a list of requirements for the application.

The web site also contains a list of participating REU faculty and a list of previous students, projects and their home institutions.
Over the past several summers, students participating in our program have been from Allegheny College, Bryn Mawr College, Concord University, Gettysburg College, Goucher College, Heidelberg College, University of Colorado, University of Kentucky, University of Richmond, Vassar College, Syracuse University, Virginia Tech University and Warren Wilson College.

Morgantown is a safe and diverse college town with interesting entertainment, extensive outdoor recreation, such as hiking, biking and white water rafting, in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.
We would love students from your school to apply and participate.  Applications are due March 15, 2013.  If you would like more information, please feel free to call at the address below, or email me, Dr. Richard Thomas, the REU Program Director,