Saturday, December 21, 2013

PhD in Cancer and Molecular Medicine within the Center for Clinical Translational Research at VCU

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The Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) is transforming our training environment to educate the next generation of translational scientists.

The CCTR Education Core provides educational support through clinical and translational sciences graduate degree programs for student scholars as well as mentoring programs for faculty members.

Cancer and molecular medicine Ph.D. concentration
The doctoral degree in clinical and translational sciences with the cancer and molecular medicine concentration is designed to train students in the research skills required to perform translational research in cancer and molecular medicine. The program is part oft he education core within the VCU CCTR.

The marriage of cancer and molecular medicine blends established cancer biology with an emerging field, molecular medicine. The CMM concentration serves as an education program for Ph.D. students encompassing the research objectives of the VCU Massey Cancer Center, the VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine and the CCTR.

In this program, students will carry out translational research projects using experimental models. To facilitate the bridging of the bench and clinical sciences, students have botha research and a clinical mentor. Students take core courses and seminars in translational science and electives in their area of research interest.
Students in the Ph.D. CMM concentration obtain training with course work in statistical methods, clinical trials, research regulation and scientific integrity. Students can tailor their training and research experience through elective course work and research opportunities.

Criteria include:
          Baccalaureate degree
          TOEFL examination, if relevant
          Three letters of recommendation
          GRE test scores
          VCU Graduate School application

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