Friday, January 10, 2014

Graduate Programs in Biomedical Science at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)

Consider investigating three Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS).  These programs (Ph.D., Research Master’s, and Biotechnology Master’s) give students rigorous scientific training in both the classroom and in hands-on laboratory courses that are unique to our program.  Our students get lots of personal attention from faculty mentors, because classes are small and most advisors have only 1 or 2 graduate students.  Our students learn to evaluate and understand the research literature, present their work orally at regional and national scientific meetings, and are trained in scientific writing, including practice in writing grant proposals. 

The Ph.D. program is intensive and provides a strong background in cell and molecular biology, physiology, and modern biomedical sciences laboratory methods.  A competitive stipend of $25,500/year, paid health insurance, and full tuition waiver are provided.  The stipend increases to $26,500 upon approval of the dissertation proposal.  The average time to graduation in the Ph.D. program is 5.5 years. The application deadline is February 1, including receipt of all supporting materials.

 We also have a terrific 2-year Research Master’s program.  This year we launched a new Biotechnology Master’s Program, a unique 16-month program focused on hands-on technical training in cutting-edge technology to prepare graduates for employment.  It includes a 6-month internship with a biotechnology industry partner or at EVMS.  More information on the Master’s programs is found on their web pages (links below).  The early application deadline for the Master’s programs is March 1 (Research) or April 1 (Biotech).  The final application deadline for both programs is June 1. We must receive all materials by that date.

Details of our admission requirements and application procedures are found on our web pages (below).  If you plan to apply, please send an email to  so we can keep in touch during the application process.

If you are interested in gaining laboratory research experience, we also offer the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR). This is a 10 week summer internship with a $3000 stipend.  Information about this program will be posted in January on our program websites: 

Ph.D Program

Research Master’s Program

Biotechnology Master’s Program

For additional information, please contact Dr. Earl Godfrey at