Friday, January 10, 2014

Ph.D. Program in Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Statistical Genetics at Virginia Commonwealth University

The Psychiatric, Behavioral and Statistical Genetics (PBSG) doctoral program at the Virginia Commonwealth University is a well-funded interdisciplinary program that brings together faculty with a wide range of scientific backgrounds, from statistical and molecular genetics to epidemiology, psychology and psychiatry, with the joint focus of understanding how genetic and environmental factors impact the development of psychiatric and substance use disorders and related health/behavioral outcomes. To learn more about our Ph.D. program, please visit our website at .

How to Apply
Applications for graduate study in the PBSG program can be obtained at the VCU Graduate School website, Although there is not a hard deadline for admissions, applications received by January 10th will receive priority consideration. For additional information or questions, please contact the PBSG Director of Admissions, Dr. Roxann Roberson-Nay, at (804) 828-0273 or via email at