Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Summer 2014 PINEMAP Undergraduate Fellowship Program at Virginia Tech

The Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation and Adaptation Project (PINEMAP) Undergraduate Fellowship Program provides undergraduate fellows from across the US with a research experience under a graduate student, post-doc, or research staff mentor and prepares them to successfully deliver secondary school science or social studies lessons based on summer research.  This program partners fellows with graduate students based on interest areas.  Selected undergraduate students will be provided the opportunity to work during a summer internship with a researcher in one of the following disciplines, or Aims: ecophysiology and silviculture, modeling, genetics, economics and policy, education, and extension.  Fellows will be integrated into their mentor’s research program and participate in data collection and hypothesis testing at a host university.  Undergraduates will then enroll in a fall distance education course in inquiry-based science education and work with classmates to develop and improve engaging lessons for secondary school life science, biology, or social study classes.  We will begin the course mid-summer to reduce the overall course load in the fall.  Lesson topics will be based on research activities conducted during the past summer and, potentially, materials developed for a Project Learning Tree module.  Fellows will then visit classrooms in their communities to lead these inquiry-based activities.  Examples of past lessons include understanding the carbon cycle, exploring the carbon on their campuses, life cycle analysis, genetics, and understanding the value of trees in mitigating climate change and in production of wood products.
Eligibility: Students must have completed at least their freshman year; non-graduating seniors are eligible. Awardees must be US citizens or permanent residents and able to pass a background check as part of VT hiring policy. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is preferred. Underrepresented students are encouraged to apply.
Compensation: Fellows may earn $7,000 at maximum.  Undergraduate fellows are temporary wage employees of Virginia Tech, although you will work at your mentor’s university, and earn $5,250 for 40 hours of work each week for 12 weeks during summer.  You may earn up to $1,750 during the fall semester.
Submission Deadline:  February 13, 2015.  With up to 12 fellowships available this year, we greatly encourage you to apply.
To Apply: Visit for additional information and application.

For more information: Please contact the program coordinator, John Kidd, at or 540.231.7744