Friday, April 24, 2015


Virginia Forestry and Wildlife Group, a for-profit, natural resource management and consulting company based in Albemarle County, Virginia seeks to fill internship positions within the company under the following parameters:

Natural Resource Management Intern

Starting Date
As soon as available

T ype Intern/Part-time/Hourly


$12/hour plus travel if own vehicle used for specific travel

Position Description
The internship will be supervised by the Stewardship Manager and company principals and will be part of a field management crew. Activities will include (but are not limited to) the implementation of natural resource management activities: prescribed fire, forest management, invasive species control, wildlife habitat establishment and maintenance, tree/shrub planting, field surveys and assessments and biodiversity restoration work. Excellent communication with company principals, staff and clients (private landowners, public agencies and non-profit organizations) is an important part of the position.

Qualifications and Expectations
Applicants should be currently enrolled or recently graduated from an undergraduate program in some field of Natural Resources in either a two year technical program or four year university setting. The internship will be field based, so applicants should be physically fit and willing to work in a diversity of outdoor habitats and situations including mountain terrain. Exposure to heat, biting insects, snakes and other wildlife should be anticipated. A working knowledge of local flora and fauna is needed but significant training and education will be obtained from the position.

Virginia Forestry and Wildlife Group is based out of Albemarle County. The intern should find housing close to Charlottesville or Albemarle County to facilitate an efficient travel and work schedule. Most work will be within 1.5 hours of the office, but occasional overnight trips should be expected.
Send Cover letter, resume and references to:
Brian Morse, Principal, Virginia Forestry and Wildlife Group Email: