Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Match Education Recruiting


a)      Want to be a highly effective educator in urban schools?
b)      Want to volunteer for a year before grad school, law school, or medical school?
c)      Want to get involved in education reform or public policy?
d)      Want to transition into a career in the non-profit or education sector?

If so, consider committing a year to the Match Corps, a one-year urban education service fellowship. Corps members volunteer full-time in one of our charter schools in Boston, or in a traditional district school in Lawrence with whom we have partnered, tutoring and mentoring a small caseload of students. We also offer the Match Teacher Residency, so that in addition to tutoring full-time, Corps members can train and earn certification to become full-time teachers in other high-need urban schools. 

We recruit from all majors; candidates do not need to have a background in education. We seek candidates with strong content backgrounds ­ math, science, English, history and those who share our passion for social justice and education reform.

All of the details about our programs can be found here:

For a quick intro video to Match Education, click here:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Virginia Sea Grant Science Writing Internship

This looks like a FANTASTIC opportunity!

Virginia Sea Grant is pleased to offer an undergraduate internship in science writing for the Summer of 2013. 

Science Communication Interns work with our Communications Center to bring scientific and technical information to non-scientists and decision-makers.
Undergraduate Science Writing Internship Now accepting applicantions for Summer 2013
  • Intern will report and write about VASG researchers, students, and staff for our website and magazine.
  • $3,000 stipend.
  • Applications due March 8, 2013.
  • Download internship announcement for details and application instructions.