Thursday, March 8, 2018

Graduate Programs in Science Education and Teaching at the University of Virginia

MT in Science Education. In this program, prospective graduate students who have an undergraduate degree in science or a related field have the opportunity to earn a Master of Teaching (MT) degree. The one-year program (summer through spring) offers an intensive, field-based curriculum centered on high-leverage teaching practices. Graduates will be eligible for licensure with an endorsement in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics Education, grades 6-12. The Curry School has received a multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation Noyce Scholarship Program. The grant provides scholarships to science and engineering undergraduate and graduate students, and scientists and engineers in industry, who wish to become certified high school science teachers. There is a critical need for high school STEM teachers in this country, so employment is guaranteed. This program does not require the GRE for admission. This program has no application fee.

MEd in Kinesiology – Exercise Physiology. Students take courses in metabolism, physiology, epidemiology, and disease prevention. They learn to critique research as well as conduct it. They learn to administer exercise tests, read electrocardiograms, and counsel patients about lifestyle. They gain the knowledge and skills to work with healthy adults, athletes, clinical populations and children. This course of study can lead to employment in community, corporate and university exercise programs, or cardiac rehabilitation, advanced study and research in the field of applied exercise physiology. This program can be completed in 1-2 years, depending on an applicant’s course history.

We have a variety of other master’s degree programs that may interest current seniors and recent graduates looking to enroll in summer or fall 2018: Applications for many programs are open until June 1, on a space-available basis.

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